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Exploring the Future of Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility: Highlights from the CCAM Association Multicluster meeting

The CCAM Association multicluster meeting took place recently in Brussels for a dynamic meeting on November 22, 2023. With over 120 participants in attendance, the event marked a significant milestone in the association’s ongoing efforts to advance the field of Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility (CCAM). Diarmuid Ó Conchubhair, EU Project Manager at FMCI joined the meeting to explore potential future collaboration opportunities and support FMCI in steering its research agenda towards more real-world, related projects aligned with the CCAM agenda.

The day kicked off with an address from Jane Amilhat, Head of the newly established Clean Transport Transitions Unit within the Clean Planet Directorate of DG RTD. Chairman Armin Gräter and Andrea De Candido from the European Commission (DG RTD) welcomed participants, setting the stage for a day filled with insightful presentations and discussions.
Vice-chairman Serge van Dam provided a comprehensive overview of the Horizon Europe programme. The upcoming EU elections and preparations for the new framework programme were highlighted as key challenges that the CCAM Partnership must navigate. These considerations will play a crucial role in shaping the partnership’s strategies.

Representatives from ongoing CCAM Partnership projects, including IN2CCAM, SELFY, SINFONICA, ULTIMO and FAME, shared their thoughts and expertise on crucial findings and identified research gaps in the CCAM field. The FAME project delivered a brief presentation on the status of the Common Evaluation Methodology (CEM) they are developing. All CCAM projects were encouraged to actively engage in the creation process and utilize this methodology to assess CCAM impacts, fostering a standardized approach to evaluation.

Two “Collaborative Idea Generation Workshops” energized the participants, prompting them to share their initial ideas and solutions on proposed Work Programme (WP) 2025 topics. The proposed and discussed ideas showcased the enthusiasm and creativity of the CCAM Association members, presenting Cluster Leaders with the challenge of summarizing rich discussions.
Overall, the CCAM Association meeting in Brussels was dynamic, collaborative, and showcasing the dedication of its members to advancing CCAM technologies at the European level and beyond. The diverse range of discussions, from international perspectives to collaborative idea generation, sets a promising trajectory for the future of Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility.
Notably, Diarmuid from FMCI, who is responsible for collaboration and European funding opportunities actively participated, adding a strategic layer to the discussions. Diarmuid’s presence underlined FMCI commitment to forming meaningful collaborations and securing the necessary resources for future projects. He also used this opportunity to start thinking how FMCI can fit into the bigger European picture with an active participation in the development of promising mobility solutions, validation and testing through use-cases and pilot projects in Ireland or engaging in large scale demonstrators.

About CCAM Association

Established in 2021, the international not-for-profit organisation CCAM Association represents the private side of the CCAM Partnership, regrouping more than 200 research and innovation stakeholders involved in the connected, cooperative and automated mobility field in Europe. CCAM Partnership is co-Programmed with the European Commission in the Horizon Europe Framework.


The pictures used in this article are from the CCAM Association.

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