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Inspiring the Next Generation: A Day of Tech Exploration at Kilcolgan Educate Together National School

Unveiling the Wonders of Technology and Future Mobility

Today, our COO, Wassim Derguech visited Kilcolgan Educate Together National School in Clarinbridge, Galway to share insights into the transformative world of technology with a group of eager young minds. As a parent and a dedicated tech enthusiast, this experience was not only enriching but also a reminder of the incredible potential of nurturing the curiosity of the next generation.

Opening Eyes to the Future of Mobility
The session started with an exploration of technology and its versatility in shaping our day-to-day activities and more precisely the future of mobility. Wassim delved into fascinating discussions about self-driving cars and drones. The students were visibly engaged, intrigued by the prospect of cars autonomously navigating the streets and drones revolutionizing our interaction with the world and becoming one of our future means of transport (Air taxis).
Hands-On AI Demo: Navigating Obstacles with Technology
A live AI demonstration followed, showcasing the potential of technology in detecting objects. Students witnessed firsthand how a camera and an AI application could identify obstacles on the road or in the sky, with the potential to enhance road safety and accident prevention. The interactive session sparked curiosity and discussions on the practical applications of such technologies.
Taking to the Skies: Xplane 12 Flight Simulator Experience
As part of the immersive experience, students were given the opportunity to take control of the Xplane 12 flight simulator in FMCI mobile control centre that Wassim brought to the school. The excitement of the students was palpable as they embarked on virtual flights with Air Taxis over Shannon Airport, gaining insights into the principles of aviation and navigation. Wassim observed with delight as the students embraced the thrill of virtual flight.

Drones and the ÉALÚ-AER Project Showcase

The highlight of the day was the showcase of drones and a glimpse into the ÉALÚ-AER project. Wassim presented captivating demonstration videos, illustrating the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles. The students were treated to a visual spectacle, sparking their imagination and prompting discussions about various applications of drone technology across different industries.

Closing Thoughts: Fostering a Love for Learning
As the session endded, our COO couldn’t help but feel optimistic about the future. The students’ engagement highlighted the importance of exposing young minds to the wonders of technology. By instilling an early interest in science, engineering, and innovation, we are laying the groundwork for a generation that will undoubtedly shape the future. In conclusion, the visit to the school was a fulfilling experience, and Wassim extends gratitude to the school for embracing the convergence of education and technology. Together, we are inspiring the next generation of thinkers, creators, and innovators.


ÉALÚ-AER is one of the first European Digital Sky Demonstrators to focus on U-space and Urban Air Mobility as part of the European ATM Master Plan designed by the SESAR Joint Undertaking (JU). SESAR JU aims at accelerating through research and innovation the delivery of an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Digital European Sky.


Digital Sky Demonstrators, such as ÉALÚ-AER, are high-level Technology Readiness Level (TRL 7-8) projects that are funded in collaboration with the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) under the Connected Europe Facility (CEF) funding instrument.

ÉALÚ-AER partners include: FMCI (cooridnator), Collins Aerospace, The Shannon Airport Group, Avtrain, DeepBlue, Manna, AirNav Ireland and Spright.

For more details about the project, please follow this link:

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