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Future Mobility Campus Ireland: A Collaboration Ecosystem for Stimulating Innovation and Capability Building

Technologies enabling self-driving vehicles are maturing rapidly and innovations in this spaces are not exclusively driven by giant automakers. Solutions to maximize growth opportunities arising from the transformation that technology is undergoing in the mobility sector require a hybrid of expertise across the business and research communities.  No one company has the bandwidth for end-to-end solutions. It is not possible to test in-house innovations in a silo without engaging with other business partners who deliver innovations in other parts of the business model; for example software developers in the automotive industry need to work with communication, cyber security and sensor experts (to name but a few). While, start-ups and SMEs need facilities that will allow them to test their innovations and explore if they are fit for market. 

Future Mobility Campus Ireland will act as a catalyst for new innovations, allowing start-ups and SMEs to test new innovations in a real-life environment. It will open up new market opportunities for growth, deepening innovative and research capacity of SMEs, while facilitating the direct and indirect spillover benefits that access to a network of industry partners brings. 

Without this facility, Irish start-ups, SMEs, MNCs and RPOs will continue to travel overseas to test their innovations, reducing the opportunities for these activities to foster and grow in Ireland while leveraging the existing capabilities in the country.

In order to understand the needs and requirements related to public road testing of connected and automated vehicles and smart mobility, an in-depth strategic analysis has been performed including a market study, a comparison of similar initiatives and a series of interviews with potential users. The following image shows the envisioned testbed configuration resulting from this strategic analysis.

The testbed will be equipped with multiple sensors located throughout the site (2), along with high accuracy location systems, a data management and control centre (3), an autonomous parking area (4), multiple smart and connected junctions (2) and fully sensor equipped test vehicles (1).

Future Mobility Campus Ireland is supported under the Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation’s Regional Enterprise Development fund by Enterprise Ireland.

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