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Routes to Funding CAV / Battery Technologies

Last week (24 May 2023), FMCI (Future Mobility Campus Ireland), in conjunction with Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software, hosted an impactful and informative workshop on routes to funding research in connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and battery technologies. Held at the Future Mobility Campus in Shannon, the workshop brought together leading researchers from Irish academia and industry together with funding experts from Enterprise Ireland, Lero and FMCI. Attendees had the unique opportunity to gain insights into funding opportunities, exchange knowledge, and explore the latest advancements in the field. This article aims to provide a comprehensive summary of the event and highlight its key highlights.

Workshop Highlights:

The joint workshop kicked off with a series of keynote presentations delivered by esteemed researchers from the Irish academic and industrial sectors. The audience was treated to talks on ‘Enabling Rural Intelligent Transport’, ‘Visual Perception for Spatial AI’, ‘The C in Connected Autonomous Vehicles’, ‘Blended Autonomous Vehicles BAV Spoke Project’, the ‘Connaught Automotive Research Group’, ‘Battery Research in UL’, ‘Field Robotics for Marine Environment and Renewable Energy Areas’, ‘Navigating the Start-Up Funding Landscape and Key Lessons Learned’ and ‘Supporting Future Mobility – Alignment of the Sector to Strategic Growth Targets’. These presentations showcased cutting-edge research findings, technological advancements, and innovative approaches in the domains of connected autonomous vehicles and battery technologies. Attendees gained valuable insights into the current state of these fields and explored future possibilities for research and development.

Routes to Funding Research:

A major focus of the workshop was to provide researchers with invaluable information about funding opportunities, both at the national as well as international levels. Participants learned about various funding programs, grants, and initiatives available to support research projects in connected autonomous vehicles and battery technologies. The workshop acted as a platform for researchers to network, collaborate, and explore potential partnerships to advance their research agendas. Of particular interest to all in attendance was the dedicated session on future funding opportunities, with a primary focus on European Union (EU) funding calls. Three national contact points (NCPs) for Horizon Europe from Enterprise Ireland (Dr Bob Flynn, Stephen O Reilly and Gerard Kennedy) took the stage and shared insightful details about upcoming calls for research funding. The 3 NCPs  provided their insights on specific areas of interest within the connected autonomous vehicles and battery technology domains.

Networking and Knowledge Exchange:

Facilitating networking and knowledge exchange was a central aspect of the workshop. Attendees had ample opportunities to interact with fellow researchers, industry professionals, and experts in the field. These interactions enabled fruitful discussions, the sharing of best practices, and the exchange of ideas related to the current and future status of connected autonomous vehicles and battery technologies. The event fostered an environment conducive to building new collaborations and strengthening existing ones.

Guided Tours and Live Demos:

In addition to the presentations and networking sessions, attendees had the chance to witness and partake in live demonstrations showcasing the latest technologies, including drones, vehicles, and e-mobility solutions. The hands-on experience allowed researchers to witness the practical implementation of research outcomes and gain inspiration for their own projects.

FMCI’s joint workshop on routes to funding research in connected autonomous vehicles and battery technologies was an enlighting event. With engaging keynote presentations, informative discussions on funding opportunities, facilitated networking, and captivating live demonstrations, the event provided a comprehensive platform for researchers to enhance their knowledge and collaborate with experts in the field. FMCI remains committed to fostering innovation and supporting groundbreaking research in the domains of connected autonomous vehicles and battery technologies, and looks forward to future events that continue to push the boundaries of these exciting fields.

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