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Very Insightful Visit of FMCI to Beta Technologies

Last week we had the incredible opportunity to visit the AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) company Beta Technologies, where we were able to learn about their ground-breaking aircraft, the ALIA, and witness the exceptional work being done at their facility.


Upon arrival, we were immediately struck by the scale of the operation considering that this was a company founded in only 2017. The facility was impressive, with a central building housing various components of the aircraft, as well as numerous engineers and technicians working diligently on their projects. As someone with an interest in aviation, we were excited to see the innovative technology being developed at Beta Technologies.


After a brief introduction to the company, we were taken on a tour of the facility. Our hosts, Sam and Ryan explained the various stages of production, from the initial design phase to the final assembly of the aircraft. We saw components such as battery cells, motors, and propellers being assembled and tested, all with meticulous attention to detail.

The highlight of the tour was undoubtedly seeing the ALIA aircraft up close. The sleek, futuristic design was truly awe-inspiring. The ALIA is an EVTOL aircraft, which means it can take off and land vertically, making it ideal for urban air mobility. It also supports conventional take-off and landing for further energy savings.  Its electric propulsion system ensures it is much quieter and more efficient than traditional helicopters, making it a game-changer in the industry.


We were fortunate enough to speak with some of the engineers and designers working on the Alia. They explained the challenges they faced in creating an aircraft that could safely transport passengers while also being environmentally friendly. It was fascinating to hear about the design process and how they constantly refined the aircraft to meet their high standards.


At part of our visit, we were keen to understand how Vertiport operations can integrate into an existing airport operation such as Shannon Airport and we discussed the requirements to make this a reality as part of our ongoing feasibility study funded by the Enterprise Ireland Regional Enterprise Innovation Scoping Scheme (REISS).

One of the most impressive aspects of Beta Technologies is their commitment to sustainability. The ALIA is powered by a clean electric propulsion system, and the company is actively working on developing new battery technologies to make their aircraft even more environmentally friendly.


Overall, our visit to Beta Technologies was an incredible experience. Seeing the ALIA aircraft up close and learning about the incredible work being done at the facility was truly inspiring. We left with a newfound appreciation for the possibilities of EVTOL technology and the people working tirelessly to make it a reality. Beta Technologies is certainly a company to watch in the coming years as they continue to push the boundaries of aviation and sustainability.


Future Mobility Campus Ireland is looking forward to the future to making air taxi services a reality in Ireland and beyond.