An ecosystem to innovate, test and validate disruptive technologies together

Our Purpose

Future Mobility Campus Ireland (FMCI) is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded with the sole purpose of creating and delivering future mobility testbed facilities for stimulating research, development and innovation in the area of Autonomous Connected Electric Shared Vehicles (ACES), including Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) in Ireland. The testbed is located in the Limerick-Shannon metropolitan area at Shannon Free Zone, Shannon, Co.Clare.

Services & Key Markets

FMCI aims to deliver an ACES test facility located in real-world settings, providing technology companies and researchers the ability to test and enhance their innovations. The test facility consists of a road network that is retrofitted with interconnected state of the art sensing and telecommunication technologies. That are fully accessible and controlled via a dedicated control centre. The target users/customers of this facility include national and international automotive and technology providers that are interested in testing their innovations in real-world settings before the product release phase.

Testbed Setup

The testbed will be equipped with multiple sensors, located throughout the site, along with high accuracy location systems, a data management and control centre and two sensor equipped test vehicles. This setup will provide the facilities and expertise to harness valuable sensor data, simulate environments and trial new technologies. This project has been identified by industry as pivotal to raising national competitiveness in the area of transport and mobility.

Delivering for Project Ireland 2040

Mobility has a major impact on our economy and our society. Travel of the future will focus on the needs of the individual rather than the operators. It will be multi-modal involving a mixture of cars, buses, trains and planes. Future mobility must be more environmentally-friendly, more efficient and overall much smarter. It will be driven by data and enabled by the latest technological advances. FMCI seeks to facilitate the technological solutions which will enable Ireland to benefit socially and economically from more sustainable and efficient transport systems. The FMCI delivers on Project Ireland 2040, National Strategic Objectives (4) Sustainable Mobility and (5) Strong Economy.