Land Mobility Testbed

We offer a Land Mobility test facility located in real-world settings, providing you the ability to test and enhance your innovations. You will have access to a road network that is retrofitted with interconnected state of the art sensing and telecommunication technologies. All our facilities are fully accessible and controlled via our dedicated control centre.

Our Fleet

FMCI’s fleet includes a Jaguar I-Pace and a Land Rover Defender. Both vehicles are retrofitted with a wide range of sensing and data processing technology. All sensors are secured to a flexible and adaptable roof rack, connected to a data logger equipped with large data storage capacity, and fully integrated to our in-house data centre.

Open Testbed

FMCI’s open testbed spans over 4km of public road network within the Shannon Industrial Estate. The testbed is highly connected with fibre network to our dedicated data centre. It is equipped with multiple sensors, CCTV, a set of traffic lights along with high accuracy location systems, as well as a data management and control centre.

Data Centre and Control Room

FMCI provides its customers access to an advanced control room capabilities enabling insightful and data-driven monitoring as well as visual analytics of mobility data. The control room is fully equipped with an audio visual system for real-time monitoring of the testbed.

Workshops and Laboratories

At the Future Mobility Campus Ireland headquarters, customers can avail of private and secure workshop bays with all relevant services including high-speed broadband, a private virtual network, and a secure facial recognition access control. Customers are also offered access to a private or a common laboratory for any hardware works, etc

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