Advanced Air Mobility Hub

FMCI Air targets a high growth potential market that is Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM). From an industry perspective there are good synergies between air mobility and road mobility. Many of the same industry and research partners who are developing products for the future of road transportation will also utilise these products for air mobility.

Drone Port

FMCI Drone Port is designed to be scalable and mobile. To support testing and operations, the Drone Port offers a flight operations centre and a mobile unit to allow flexibility for off-site testing. The flight operations centre is based on a modular container equipped with the necessary radio and communications equipment to ensure flight safety.

Open Testbed

FMCI’s open testbed spans over 4km public road network in the Shannon Industrial Estate. The testbed is highly connected with fibre network to our dedicated data centre. It is equipped with multiple sensors, CCTV, a set of traffic lights along with high accuracy location systems, a data management and control centre.

Data Centre and Control Room

FMCI provides its customers access to its advanced control room capabilities enabling insightful and data-driven monitoring and visual analytics of mobility data. The control room is kitted with Audio Visual system for real-time monitoring of the testbed.

Workshops and Laboratories

In the main building of Future Mobility Campus Ireland, customers can avail of private and secure workshop bays with the necessary amenities including fast speed broadband, private virtual network, facial recognition access control, etc. Customers are also offered access to a private or a common tab for any hardware works, etc.

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