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exida and Provizio Forge Innovative Machine Learning Certification Collaboration within FMCI Ecosystem

In a recent announcement, in a pioneering move within the Future Mobility Campus Ireland (FMCI) ecosystem, exida, one of the founding partners of FMCI, is joining forces with Provizio, a startup hosted within FMCI, for trialling a pilot certification project. This collaboration seeks to validate the safety of machine learning, with a specific focus on certifying Provizio’s state-of-the-art 5D Radar technology.

The primary goal remains the attainment of ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 certifications for Provizio’s VizioPrime™ and VizioPlex Radar™ products, both featuring advanced AI and Machine Learning 5D Perception® technology.
The assessment process will be thorough, encompassing a detailed design review using the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) technique for system, hardware, and software aspects. Additionally, a Hardware Fault Modes and Effects Diagnostics Analysis (FMEDA) will be undertaken, along with comprehensive unit, integration, and validation testing.
Dr. Molly O’Brien, Senior Safety Engineer at exida, highlighted the need for innovative approaches as machine learning and artificial intelligence reshape safety-critical designs. exida, as one of the founding partners of FMCI, is at the forefront, collaborating with high-tech providers to pioneer and validate assessment schemes ensuring the dependability of machine learning in safety-critical applications.
Barry Lunn, Founder and CEO of Provizio, emphasized safety as an important cornerstone of the company’s mission. Provizio aims to leverage advanced technology hosted at FMCI to reduce road accidents and facilitate a secure transition to autonomy. Barry expressed confidence in achieving ISO certification for their machine learning technology through this collaborative effort with exida, demonstrating an added layer of safety and security to their products.

Chris O’Brien, CEO at exida, stressed the significance of safety certification within the automotive industry. Meeting ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 standards shows a manufacturer’s commitment to deliver robust products.

Russel Vickers, CEO at FMCI, finds this collaboration as a significant contribution to the automotive ecosystem and also aligns with FMCI’s mission to foster innovation within the future mobility landscape.
This collaborative initiative within the FMCI ecosystem establishes a new standard for safety validation and certification, showcasing the dynamic capabilities of FMCI in fostering partnerships between industry leaders and innovative startups.

Visualisation of Provizio 5D Radar technology integrated in one of FMCI mule vehicles (Landrover Defender)